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Joyful Spaces, professional organizing in the Decatur, GA area, frees people to live the life they want to be living.  Utilizing Amber's emotional support skill set, we bring light, clarity, and vision to what can be an overwhelming situation.



Joyful Spaces develops customized professional organizing solutions for each client in residential and office settings. Utilizing my background in spiritual care, I intentionally affirm and encourage my clients. You'll find my calm, non-judgmental presence to be a welcomed source of emotional support and reassurance. 

FREE Intake Call: A FREE 20 minute phone conversation is offered with every package to identify your challenges and your goals. In person consultations can be scheduled after the intake call and are $75 and last up to 60 minutes. You will be provided a timeline and Plan of Action to complete your tasks on your own or, you may choose to purchase an Organizing package to suit your needs.

Decluttering: My favorite part of the process! Working by your side, I will assist you in making the difficult decisions--what to keep, toss (trash/recycle/donate), or relocate. Donations in good condition that can fit in my car will be removed free of charge. My clients love knowing that their donations go to Second Life Atlanta, a local upscale thrift store that benefits homeless pets.  

Organizing: The finishing touch. The wow factor in "after" photos. This step follows decluttering and includes time for labeling, containing, and straightening. You may provide your own containers for a project or I can purchase some for you and bring them for the project. After a session, your area will look polished and professional.

Systematizing: Not only will you have a tidy, organized closet, room, or home at the end of Joyful Spaces' services, you will also have a customized system in place that will keep your area maintained. Since the system is tailored to your needs and your lifestyle, you'll find that staying organized is intuitive and easy.

Coaching: Do you have the time & energy to organize on your own but need a clear plan and accountability? If you are motivated and want to work on your own, I can provide the essential project action plan based on your priorities and goals. I offer structure, guidance, and extra encouragement to ensure your success. I also offer online coaching and goal-setting to accomplish your goals in a timely manner. Get started today!  

Amber loves meeting people and helping them accomplish their goals. Let's    talk!

Amber loves meeting people and helping them accomplish their goals. Let's talk!



As an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) as well as the local chapter, NAPO-GA, Amber closely follows the NAPO Code of Ethics. She strives to communicate openly and honestly, giving her clients the gift of authenticity and transparency. Amber works directly with her clients as a trusted advisor and motivator. If you or someone you know is struggling with "stuff" and not sure what to do about it, Amber is the person for you. Contact me today for a FREE consultation!