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Joyful Spaces is grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients. Here's a taste of their feedback:

"It's absolutely AMAZING what Amber can do in such a short period of time. My space is not only more organized and de-cluttered, it really is more joyful! I open my drawers and cabinets and actually smile! On top of her professionalism, Amber clearly has a heart for what she does and for giving back to those in need. I was able to organize my life as well as help others. LOVE Joyful Spaces!"-LaTonia M.

"Amber came to my rescue and gently, lovingly conquered these [organizing] barriers with me. She helped me focus, articulate what I wanted (even if I had no idea!), come to terms with what I really needed in my life right now, and become peaceful with that new reality. Where I had been previously paralyzed by too many decisions, I felt a sense of clarity and empowerment. I was inspired to keep going on my own. My place now looks so, so much better and it's much nicer to live in! My old things are off to help the world in whatever way they can. I cannot recommend Amber highly enough."-Emily G. 

"The process was so supportive and what I appreciated the most was the non-judgmental way in which [Amber] interacted with me and the items in my space...There is a continuous gift from the experience as it helps you to be able to engage in the same process in other areas of life."-Stephanie H.

"Amber has a unique ability to balance an understanding of organizing and sacred space with a sense of humor, openness, and creativity. I have learned that organized does not have to mean uptight and that my home environment can lift my spirit if it is given the attention and support it deserves."-Mike D.

"I feel so relieved that I got this done and mostly over with!  I felt we worked well together and accomplished a lot; I'm still surprised by the "after" photos; I haven't seen the bottom of that closet for at least 12 years."-Melissa K.

"Before Amber worked her magic, I would go to my office dreading it. I had stacks of paper everywhere and lots of clutter beginning to form on every available surface. Now after Joyful Spaces' expert help, my office feels like a calming, peaceful place to be. I like to work in my office again and I feel proud to welcome my visitors and clients. Thank you, Joyful Spaces for changing my work life for the better." Dominic S.

"Amber has a wonderful sense of organization focused on love and joy. I was lucky enough to have been helped by her talent. In two different weekends, she worked over a total of 25 hours. After giving away 9 bags of donations, my space is much less cluttered."-Linda B.

"Sorting through my children's extensive amount of art creations was emotional for so many reasons. Amber sat by my side and offered the emotional support (and the hugs) I needed to process those powerful feelings.  Then, I was able to actually focus on working with Amber to create a plan and a system that honored my children's art and the emotional feelings about it AND that will help keep our house from overflowing with the children's art going forward. I highly recommend Amber's unique approach to organizing where she works with you to help you learn the emotional and organizing skills needed to change your relationship with your stuff for a more organized house."-Lydia S.