Individual Packages to Suit Your Needs


*Free Initial Phone Call: Curious about decluttering and getting organized? Have questions regarding timeline and expectations? Contact Amber directly to schedule a FREE 20 minute initial conversation.

$75 In-Person Consultations: Joyful Spaces will assess your needs, offer support, and recommend the best organizing package for you. Consultations range from 30-60 minutes depending on the scope of the project. A summary of the Plan of Action will be provided to you upon request.

$125 Online Coaching: Are you in need of a customized plan to do the decluttering on your own? 1:1 online coaching sessions are available for purchase and include 1 hour of online coaching as well as a printed detailed report of the steps to take to achieve your organizing goals. This is a great service for someone who is organized in many areas of life and currently feels stuck and needs a supportive ear to help them renew themselves and their space. Sign up here to learn more.

Free Donation Removal and Delivery: Joyful Spaces works closely with Second Life Atlanta, a nonprofit upscale thrift store that benefits homeless pets. Your new and gently used goods that no longer serve you go to bettering the lives of our local furry friends. Amber is happy to remove your no longer needed belongings that fit in her car free of charge. Items that are not in re-usable condition and not able to be sold in a thrift store will not be removed from the location.

Area Served: Joyful Spaces travels within a 20 mile radius from Decatur (30030). Any location outside of that area will be assessed on a case by case basis. A mileage fee of $.50/mile will be charged each way for any miles exceeding 20 miles. 

Customized Individual Packages: Joyful Spaces works one on one with clients to achieve their goals. Curious how long your room will take to declutter and organize?!? Suggested rates are listed below.  The final estimate for each project will be determined on an individual basis and will be based on the clutter volume in each space.  The estimates below are for cluttered but usable spaces. Questions? Just ask! 

1) The Joyful Starter: $350 for up to 4 hours: 

  • Small Closet

  • Kitchen Pantry

  • Desk Organization

  • Living Room Refresh

  • Session towards a Larger Project

2) The Joyful Jr: $1020 for 12 hours: 

  • Full Kitchen

  • Kids' Playroom/Bedroom

  • Master Bedroom & Closet

  • Refreshing 1-2 Rooms

  • Paper Systems & Structure

3) The Joyful Pro: $1700 for 20 hours:

  • Garage

  • Attic

  • Basement

  • Refreshing 3-4 Rooms

  • Home & Business Office

*A non-refundable deposit of half the package is due at the time of consultation. Cash, check, and PayPal are accepted forms of payment. An invoice via Quickbooks can also be provided to pay via credit card. 


Joyful Spaces assists families and individuals in home and office spaces. I help with:





Teen Rooms

Toy Rooms


Living Spaces

Working Spaces

Paper Management

Moving Management

Goal Setting


Emotional Support

And more!

Contact me about your needs!